What type of exercise program is best for you?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend via Facebook messenger the other day and it actually made me feel kind of bad after we were done talking. This is someone I’ve never met in person, but she started as a Beachbody customer of mine¬†and we quickly became friends through our workouts and various challenge groups.

She’s had a stressful year and may have fallen off the wagon a bit (who hasn’t?! Nothing to be ashamed of if that’s happened to you!) so we were chatting and catching up and she mentioned that she recently started Weight Watchers. I immediately told her I thought that was great and am happy she found something she likes! Her response to that was something along the lines of – ‘oh good! I thought you’d be disappointed I wasn’t doing Beachbody workouts anymore!’

Wait…what?? Have I turned into the type of fitness professional that only ‘okays’ the programs and products that I do myself?! (For those that don’t know, my bachelor’s degree is as a Health/Fitness Specialist and I’ve worked as a personal trainer for a few years. It’s just taken on a different form now that I’m home with the kids!)

So it got me thinking about this topic – because we can’t go on any type of social media anymore without being bombarded with what we SHOULD do, what supplement we HAVE to have, and what type of workout is PERFECT for us…right?

Here are my thoughts on it:

We’re all different, right? That means there isn’t one type of workout program or one type of nutrition plan that will work for every single person.

For example, dance is not my thing. I’m embarrassed to show my face at the golf course we celebrated New Year’s at because as it turns out, after a few glasses of champagne…I turn into a wannabe J Lo.¬†It’s not good. SO – why would I pick a dance workout program? There’s no way I’d stick to it and it wouldn’t be FUN.

But…there are tons of people who love to dance and would love sticking to a dance type of program to aide them in reaching their goals.

You can get really technical with the types of exercises and workouts you’re doing¬†but over time, my¬†thinking has evolved to – it really doesn’t matter what program you’ve chosen to do. We all¬†know that nutrition is the heavy hitter with¬†hitting goals anyways. CONSISTENCY is the big thing with any type of workout program you’re¬†doing.

Pick something you like and stick with it!

Often times, people will start a program and quit after the first week or two. Start another program and quit after a week or two. Start another program and…well, you know what I’m going to say. Perhaps it’s not YOU that’s ‘failing’ in keeping up with it. Maybe you just haven’t found the right fit.

When I was pregnant with our daughter and heavily considering a career in competitive eating, I think my parents got a little nervous watching my new found love for fried foods and pizza flourish (kidding-ish) and they got me a gym membership to use once I was cleared to workout again. In between eating spoonfuls of ice cream, I told them how awesome of a gift it was and how much I was looking forward to getting back in shape!

However, after having our daughter and then getting cleared to exercise again, I found getting to the gym while having a newborn was HARD. I didn’t want to go the gym daycare route.¬†My mom would watch Addie at the time, but coordinating our schedules to find a time that worked for both of us for me to drop her off¬†and then head to the gym got to be a little harder than I wanted it to be and I canceled the membership. It just didn’t work. But do you know what I’ve found that does work for me, in these days of being held hostage in my home by my 1 and 2 year old?

Home workouts! It’s the ONLY thing that I’ve been able to consistently stick to during this time. Will I do my home workouts forever? No – I would like to get integrated back into¬†society at some point and talk to people face to face rather than through Facebook live videos but for now, it works.

Home workouts!

But maybe you’re able to make it out of the house and you really like the ballet type of exercise, for example. Did you know there are Barre exercise classes? How perfect would that be for you?! Do you need accountability with your eating and have time to leave your house? Give Weight Watchers a try and join one of their support groups! Are you a new mom looking to meet other new moms and get a workout in at the same time? We have something up this way called Stroller Strides and it does just that. There are so many options to choose from and I can almost guarantee that there’s SOMETHING out there that you will like.

If you scrolled to the bottom without reading this, here are the two takeaways:

  1. Find an exercise program you LIKE. Something you don’t dread doing.
  2. Be consistent with whatever you choose. This ties in nicely with finding something you like. If you like it, you’ll want to do it…right?

Are you looking for suggestions on how to get started with an exercise program? I’ve tried a LOT- from gyms, to trainers, to classes and home workouts…comment below or send me a message and let’s talk about how to find the perfect fit for you!

Until next time…

Pam xoxo




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